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Product Review: Grounding Mats

By: | April 29, 2015


For our first review we decided to test out a concept called grounding that has been scientifically researched and involves using the electrical current of the earth to control pain, heal the body of inflammation and improve overall wellness.  The research is pretty convincing and we were all excited to give it a try! The idea in brief […]

grounding product review

Product Review Series

By: | April 27, 2015


The SoleFit team is always on the lookout for new and innovative products that we can offer our clients.  Treatment options and research evolves so quickly in our industry that it certainly keeps us on our toes!  The challenge lies in determining which products are truly helpful, and which are not.  Because of this, we are […]

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Making Sleep a Priority and Making Sleep Count

By: | March 4, 2015


Most of us know based on how we feel after a lousy sleep that sleep is pretty important.  But many of us don’t realize just how important sleep is to recovery and general health.  Studies suggest that over 80% of North Americans don’t get sufficient sleep which doesn’t bode well for those already worn down […]

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Tissue Flossing

By: | February 17, 2015


At SoleFit, we are always looking for new health care products that are effective and easy to use.  A few months ago, we came across floss bands that are starting to be used by therapists in the US (and were creating quite a lot of buzz) and decided to give them a closer look .  After ordering […]

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Stand up and fight back…against sitting!

By: | December 17, 2014


At SoleFit we spend many an assessment with our clients discussing the fact that as modern day humans we have lost much of our fluency of movement, mobility, stability and strength.  Much of this is linked to a mis-proportioned balance between our sedentary lifestyle and our activities (or lack thereof).  We tend to travel from […]

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Summary of Cryotherapy and Cold Compression Use

By: | May 17, 2014


After a long winter here in Ottawa in 2013/14 we still have our minds on cold at SoleFit and have been researching the benefits of…well…cold to treat injuries or to aid with recovery.  We recently wrote an article explaining the benefits of ice therapy so lets look at different methods of cryotherapy (cold therapy) and […]

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Comfortable Feet in Skates and Ski Boots

By: | January 16, 2014


We’re well into that time of year when we see a parade of ski boots and skates coming through the doors at SoleFit!  With the holiday season over and the Rideau canal and ski hills open, many people are dusting off their winter sports equipment.  Despite the obvious differences between skates and ski boots, these […]

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