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Off the Shelf Knee Braces

Off the shelf (OTS) knee braces can be a great option and are more economical than custom made models.  As with custom made, there is no best brand, only what is best for your leg shape and condition.  We carry many types of knee braces and a few of the best knee brace brands are Bauerfeind, DonJoy, Ossur, and Breg.  OTS knee braces can treat a variety of knee injuries such as:

  1. Ligament/Stability Knee Braces can treat and help prevent ligament instability injuries of the knee for everyday use and sport. Conditions may include: MCL sprains/injuries, PCL sprains/injuries, ACL sprains/injuries, LCL sprains/injuries.
  2. Osteothritis/Unloading Knee Braces can provide relief for the effects of knee osteoarthritis for everyday and sport. Conditions may include: Latearl Knee OA, Medial Knee OA, Medial Meniscus Injuries/Tears, Lateral Mensicus Injuries/Tears.
  3. General Knee Braces/Sleeves can treat and prevent various conditions such as: PFPS (Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome), Patellar tendonitis, Patella malalignments/subluxations,  Patella Femoral Arthritis, Chondromalacia patellae, Minor instabilities, Arthritis, Osgood-Schlatter Disease.

Located in Westboro, Ottawa and Kitsilano, Vancouver, let us help you find the best knee brace to help get you back to active!

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