Is gait analysis only for runners?

Absolutely not!  Although we do see a lot of runners coming through our clinic, having gait analyzed is of value to anybody at any activity level.  For those who are not comfortable on a treadmill, we will do a thorough walking analysis in our spacious clinic.  By observing your gait, we gain valuable insight that can help us determine the root cause of an issue and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

We want to help you move better!

What if I don’t want a full gait analysis --- I just want orthotics?
Do you see children for gait analysis?
What is gait analysis?
What do I need to bring for my gait analysis?
Can I have a copy of my videos or can you send it to my practitioner?
I’m nervous to go on a treadmill, in a lot of pain, etc. Do I need to go on the treadmill in order to get a complete analysis?
Is a gait analysis covered by insurance?


How come different places charge different prices for orthotics?

There is no industry standard for orthotics pricing so it is up to the individual clinic to establish the worth of their product.  As a patient, it is important that you check the credentials of your orthotics provider (are they a Certified Pedorthist) and if possible, get references from family, friends, colleagues who are happy with their orthotics.  Be careful of clinics that charge extra for adjustments and paperwork - these SHOULD come with the price of your orthotics.  Some patients need adjustments, some don’t and you won’t know which category you fall into before you wear them.

What paperwork does my insurance company require?
How long does it take to get my orthotics?
What if I need an adjustment?
Do you do direct billing to my insurance company?
How do I know if I need orthotics?
Can you make orthotics for my _____ (ski boot, sandal, skate, etc.)?
Do I need a referral before I come to your clinic?
How often do I need to replace my orthotics?
Do I need to purchase footwear before I am casted for orthotics?
What is a pedorthist?
Do you have a returns policy? Can I return my brace/orthotics/etc?


How is SoleFit different from other bracing clinics?

We really want you to love your brace and cringe at the thought of expensive products collecting dust because they are too bulky, hot, thick, etc.

Do I have to make an appointment?
How do I purchase bracing and recovery products from you?
Do you carry products in stock or will you have to order what I require?
What is your turnaround if a custom brace or non-stock item needs to be ordered?
What brands of braces and recovery products do you carry?
I’ve seen ____ online. Can you order this for me?
Can I make an insurance claim for bracing and recovery products?
What do I need to bring for a bracing appointment?
Do I need a referral before I come to your clinic?
Should I get my brace before or after my surgery?
I’m nervous about wearing a big bulky brace. Are all braces like this?
What is the difference between the compression garments I can buy in a retail store and what I can buy from your clinic?
What are the different types of compression? What do compression classes mean?
Do you have a returns policy? Can I return my brace/orthotics/etc?


What's the primary difference from the regular assessment?

The Comprehensive Performance Analysis is for those that have a high degree of interest of the influential factors that can help best results and performance.  In this assessment we use more of our Health Coach skills to add more information about things like nutrition, stress vs rest, recovery etc.  Consisting of a preliminary 90 minute evaluation and a 30 minute follow-up, this service allows us the time to evaluate many inter-connected factors that can help optimize our patients health and performance goals.  

What is a health coach?
Is this extended assessment only for runners?
How long is the assessment?