SoleFit Team in Vancouver

The SoleFit team in Kitsilano, Vancouver is an energetic and passionate group. Our Certified Pedorthists are Ryan Grant and Daniel Haft. Behind the scenes, supporting the business is Cassandra Grant (B.Sc., MBA, business manager/CFO).

  • Ryan Grant pedorthist at Solefit Foot Clinic in Ottawa
    C. Ped (C), B. Sc., Primal Health Coach
    Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant pedorthist at Solefit Foot Clinic in Ottawa

    Ryan Grant C. Ped (C), B. Sc., Primal Health Coach

    Certified Pedorthist and Pedorthic Technician and the co-owner of SoleFit Inc., Ryan combines his passion for well-being with an intense desire to help his patients reach their own goals of activity and healthy living.  Along with a Bachelor of Science degree, Ryan has over 25 years of experience in the field including time in Ethiopia where he worked with some of the worlds top runners . Ryan is a former competitive distance runner (29:58 PB for 10k), has completed several multi-day adventure races around the globe, raced as a professional triathlete for several years, and is currently involved with ultra running expeditions in remote parts of the globe. Ryan is a former Board Member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and is a firm believer in finding the root cause of a problem rather than just trying to bandage the issues it results in.  He is also a Primal Health Coach trained to pay focus on fitness, nutrition, optimal performance and lifestyle factors through an evolutionary lens.

  • Cassandra Grant Solefit Foot Clinic in Ottawa
    B. Sc., M.B.A.
    Cassandra Grant
    Cassandra Grant Solefit Foot Clinic in Ottawa

    Cassandra Grant B. Sc., M.B.A.

    Cassandra was on a career path in the pharmaceutical industry with positions in Finance, Materials Management, Human Resources, and SAP implementation before a lifelong dream of working with her brother and a desire to live in Ottawa lead her to change course and help to open up SoleFit.  With a B.Sc and an MBA, Cassandra brings her business acumen and a layman’s perspective to balance out the clinic.  Cassandra is laughingly known as the “Mr. Snuffleupagus” of SoleFit.  Her spirit and influence are detected more often than her actual presence as she balances work and home life.  Cassandra is a proud mom of two awesome little kids and feels very fortunate to be able to be a hands-on mom and a business woman at the same time.  She feels an immense pride and joy in interacting with wonderful patients and truly loves her job.

  • C Ped (C), B. Kin.
    Daniel Haft

    Daniel Haft C Ped (C), B. Kin.

    A Certified Pedorthist and Kinesiologist, Daniel brings his years of personal trainer experience to SoleFit.  After many years working as a Kinesiologist in a physiotherapy clinic and as a personal trainer, Daniel decided he needed a break to reassess his career.  After a few months off work to do some soul searching, Daniel came across the field of pedorthics and in particular the unique ‘outside the box’ way of doing things at SoleFit.  For Daniel, this seemed like the perfect outlet to combine his previous passion for exercises and rehabilitation with the hands on work of fabricating orthotics in a lab. 

    Daniel has a competitive background in track and field and cycling.  He currently enjoys tennis, Kung-Fu, camping, and a general love of being outdoors with his wife and 2 children.   Daniel firmly believes in a holistic treatment approach and trying to find the source of the problem for a long-term solution.