We’re far more in control of our bodies than most of us realize. Indeed, our behaviour, environment, and habits can be utilized to improve our immunity.

Pain or discomfort is generally the most prominent symptom we hear. However, we don’t simply treat the symptom—we address the cause.

Back pain, as a general or non-specific diagnosis, is an issue that can affect 60-70% of people in their lifetime according to the National Institute of Health. If we include specifically diagnosed back conditions those numbers increase to approximately 80%.

Shinrin-yoku is literally translated from ‘shinrin’ which in Japanese means ‘forest’, and ‘yoku’ meaning ‘bath’ and describes deliberate practice of immersion in nature to take in the smells, sounds, open space, and visual and visceral experience.

There are multiple unloading braces for knee osteoarthritis, knee braces for ligament instability, knee braces for meniscal tears, knee braces for patellafemoral, and knee braces for patellar tendonitis…whew! To add to the potential confusion, for each one of these conditions, there are multiple options for bracing depending on patient lifestyle and degree of injury.
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