SoleFit Team in Ottawa

The SoleFit team in our Ottawa (Kanata) location is an energetic and passionate group of four. Our three Certified Pedorthists are Neil Rosenthal, Dana Hall, and Ryan Grant. Behind the scenes, supporting the business is Cassandra Grant (B.Sc., MBA, business manager/CFO).

  • C. Ped (C), Primal Health Coach
    Neil Rosenthal

    Neil Rosenthal C. Ped (C), Primal Health Coach

    Neil Rosenthal is a Certified Pedorthist and Pedorthic Technician who passionately believes in a healthy active life at any age. Neil joined SoleFit in 2006 and has been analyzing biomechanics, fitting footwear and recommending treatment for over 15 years and making orthotics for over 10 years. He approaches treatment by looking at the big picture with healthy long term objectives for his patients. He is also a Primal Health Coach trained to pay focus on fitness, nutrition, optimal performance and lifestyle factors through an evolutionary lens, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He has been coaching individuals on training, nutrition and performance since 2012 including coach of a speed and endurance program at a local CrossFit gym. Active himself, Neil has a long history in endurance sports (20+ triathlons, 7 marathons with a PB of 2:51, including Boston in 2011, 6 ultra marathons up to 100km, and Spartan races) and an avid trail runner and CrossFitter. Neil is a proud father of two kids and is motivated to pass on the same enthusiasm to his children for healthy, active living in the outdoors while balancing ideal lifestyles to reach our full potential.

  • C. Ped (C), B. Kin.
    Dana Hall

    Dana Hall C. Ped (C), B. Kin.

    Dana Hall is a Certified Pedorthist who joined SoleFit in 2009.  Combining her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with prior experience working in a physiotherapy clinic and in footwear retail, she strives to find the root cause of an issue in order to help her clients get back to doing what they love.  With a background in team sports, including over ten years of competitive hockey, she assesses and treats clients with a wide variety of injuries.  She has a particular interest in pediatrics, postpartum women, and those new to sport/physical activity.  She has also been involved with the Pedorthic Association of Canada as a practicum supervisor for pedorthic students, authoring a portion of the Clinical Practice Guidelines, and regularly participates in professional development opportunities offered through the association.  With her competitive sport days now behind her, Dana spends most of her time outside of SoleFit outdoors chasing her two young sons.

  • C. Ped (C), B. Sc., Primal Health Coach
    Ryan Grant

    Ryan Grant C. Ped (C), B. Sc., Primal Health Coach

    Certified Pedorthist and Pedorthic Technician and the co-owner of SoleFit Inc., Ryan combines his passion for well-being with an intense desire to help his patients reach their own goals of activity and healthy living.  Along with a Bachelor of Science degree, Ryan has over 25 years of experience in the field including time in Ethiopia where he worked with some of the worlds top runners . Ryan is a former competitive distance runner (29:58 PB for 10k), has completed several multi-day adventure races around the globe, raced as a professional triathlete for several years, and is currently involved with ultra running expeditions in remote parts of the globe and trying to keep up with his young son. Ryan is a former Board Member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and is a firm believer in finding the root cause of a problem rather than just trying to bandage the issues it results in.  He is also a Primal Health Coach trained to pay focus on fitness, nutrition, optimal performance and lifestyle factors through an evolutionary lens.

  • B. Sc., M.B.A.
    Cassandra Grant

    Cassandra Grant B. Sc., M.B.A.

    Cassandra was on a career path in the pharmaceutical industry before a lifelong dream of working with her brother and a desire to live in Ottawa lead her to change course and co-open SoleFit.  Almost 20 years in, there is still an immense pride and joy in co-owning her own business and helping to make a difference in the community.  Cassandra is the jack-of-all trades of the clinic, often found at the front desk interacting with patients, working in the lab, overseeing the inventory supplies, and managing the finances.  Cassandra is a proud mom of two awesome kids and feels very fortunate to be able to balance work and home life.