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Medi Genumedi Knee Brace

A light weight, medical grade compressive knee sleeve that can help with knee instability, swelling, mild OA and arthritic changes, meniscal damage, and patello femoral pain syndrome.



The Genumedi knee support assists your knee and comes with a removable patella silicone ring. The massage effect achieved by the compressive fabric and silicone insert improves the blood circulation and leads to rapid reduction of hematomas and edemas. Furthermore, the seamless, tailored knee support improves proprioception and therefore improves muscular support (stabilization of the knee).


  • Silicone ring enclosing the patella
  • Non-slip system with textured silicone running medially and laterally
  • Elastic, breathable and moisture-transporting Clima-Comfort fabric.
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zone takes pressure off the back of the knee and prevents constriction
  • Maximum pressure relief for the patella provided by wide silicone ring