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Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace

The GenuTrain knee brace helps to stabilize and provide compression to the knee joint. It relieves pain and swelling while helping to achieve faster mobilization. Available in custom and off-the-shelf sizing.



The new generation knee brace with visco-elastic Omega pad. If your knee feels weak, is swollen or painful, the GenuTrain knee brace can help you. It relieves pain, stabilizes the joint and helps to achieve faster mobilization. The GenuTrain is the original functional knee support and has undergone continuous further development since it was launched onto the market in 1981. Available in custom and off-the-shelf.


  • pain relief
  • secure hold for the knee joint
  • pressure relief for the kneecap and reduction in pain at the meniscus
  • anatomical fit and integrated donning aid