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TFC Wild Toes – Toe Separator

TFC Wild toes are simple and affordable toe seperators, that help to improve the aligment of toes over time. Soft 100% silicone material, that suitable and safe for those with latex allergies.



Footwear as it exists today is a big problem. Shoes are designed to taper into a point at the toes which is the opposite of how are feet are shaped. The widest part of a babies foot is the tip of their toes and this should also be the widest part of adult human feet. When you spend time in shoes that taper into a point, your feet start to adopt that shape and before you know it you have bunions that are getting out of control.

TFC Wild toes are a simple, affordable accessory that you can use to reclaim optimal toe alignment. Think of them like braces for your feet that help restore your toe alignment to its natural state.

TFC Wild Toes are made of 100% silicone and won’t irritate anyone with a latex allergy.

Here is a video on how to apply your TFC Wild Toes:

Usage guide:

– When starting to use Wild Toes you need to take it slow. Tight, compressed feet can take a while to open up and doing too much too soon can cause you pain or circulation issues at the toes.

– Start with 15 minutes at home when you’re moving around barefoot and increase the time spent wearing them as tolerated. Take a picture before starting to use them and after daily, consistent use, take a picture a month later and see the difference.

– Wild toes are most effective when you also address the root of problem they are playing a part in solving: switching to natural footwear that stops compressing your toes together in the first place.

– Although you can wear wild toes in your shoes, most shoes are far too narrow to accommodate for your feet themselves, let alone the extra space of the wild toes. Some natural footwear brands create enough space for the wild toes but only wear them in footwear if it’s comfortable for you.