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How to Ensure Your Knee Brace is the Perfect Fit

Because we have always felt very strongly about the importance of a custom product truly being custom, we

SoleFit pedorthists Ryan and Matt recently attended an Advanced Brace Fitting course in Vancouver, BC put on by Össur.  Because we have always felt very strongly about the importance of a custom product truly being custom, we were super excited to get our hands dirty and learn some of the tricks on how to fine tune the brace fit.  These braces are expensive and a patient should be picky with making sure it feels great on their leg!  Here are a few important takeaways for those looking to get a knee brace.

Knee braces sometimes need adjustments

Even custom made braces sometimes need adjustments, and these adjustments can take the knee brace from fitting well to fitting perfectly!  Things like heat flaring, frame 'punch outs' etc can all help to alleviate any problem spots.

Custom knee brace modifications

SoleFit pedorthist Ryan getting up close and personal with an aluminum framed brace. Most people don’t know that even with custom made braces, they sometimes need little modifications to ensure a perfect fit.

Knee brace accessories can help customize the fit

There are lots of different products available to customize the fit of a knee brace.  There are often various materials available for the padding of the brace that can make a huge difference if someone has allergy issues, sweats a lot, has a brace that migrates on their leg, or just doesn't like the way the standard padding feels.  Straps can almost always be modified to avoid rubbing on sensitive areas.  Different material options in 'under sleeves' can also help to reduce perspiration, rubbing, or migration.  

Make your knee brace fashionable

There are tonnes of different colour options and even custom paint jobs available for custom knee braces!  Okay, this is totally cosmetic but if you need to wear a knee brace, it might as well look cool.  With a few of the brands, they will even design and paint custom designs on the brace.  We've seen paint designs based on everything from a patient's favourite sports team to a patients favourite Picasso painting!

custom paint knee brace
custom paint knee brace
custom paint knee brace

Knee braces are an 'experiment of one'

Don't forget that there is no best knee brace, only the best knee brace for you.  Activity level, injury, size, compliance level, injury history etc will all factor into choosing the right brace.  At SoleFit, we book an hour for all bracing assessments (included in the cost of the brace) and do not charge for follow-ups to ensure you get the perfect fit!  

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