Being foot specialists, we see a lot of patients with bunion and hallux valgus problems.  We wanted to put this video together to give some key takeaways for how to treat and hopefully prevent bunion and hallux valgus problems.  A few of our main points with references are:

Try to wear shoes that fit your feet. 

Try to find shoes that have minimal elevation at the back of the shoe.

Try to find shoes that have a shape through the toes that matches your foot's shape.

Athletic shoe brands with better shape:  Keen, Vivo Barefoot, ALTRA

Casual/dressier shoe brands with better shape:  Lems, Dansko, Camper

If wearing less than ideal shoes at work, try removing them when at your desk.

Spot Stretching

Spot stretching can be done at most shoe repair shops with a bit of stretching cream and a ball and ring stretcher.

Just stretches out the area that needs unloading, not the entire shoe.

Different Shoe Lacing Techniques

We really like the lacing technique we use in the above video for bunions, but here's a website that has over 50 different ways to lace your shoes!

Toe Separators

Correct Toes:  Can modify and wear in some shoes, stretches out all of the toes, made for both feet.

Bunion splints:  Can adjust amount of correction, just corrects the big toe, not able to be worn in shoes.

Toe Spacers:  Can separate individual toes, can be worn in most footwear.

Take a picture of your toe

taking picture of bunion



When sitting, try lining up your phone with your knee and take a picture of your toes.  It can be a great way to monitor changes in the angle of the big toe joint over time!

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