Arch taping (low dye taping) can be a very beneficial tool for those who are in need of some quick relief.  With many conditions like plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior tendonosis, and many other lower leg issues, providing support to the arch can be a great way to unload the trouble spot.  Here are a few cases where this method of taping can come in handy;

Short term relief for an injury before a sporting event.

Short term relief for an injury before a big trip where you may be doing lots of walking.

A potential indicator of whether or not arch supports (custom made or off-the-shelf) will be helpful.

The major downside to taping is that it’s short term and will typically only last through to your first bath/shower/swim.  That being said, used at the right time and place, this can be a very effective way of providing relief.  We’ve had a few of our patients asking us how to do this on their own so we decided to put this video together!

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