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Knee Pain? Lightweight Knee Brace Options

Lightweight, low profile knee braces can bridge the gap between having to take time off from activity indefinitely,

Knee pain is one of the more common issues that we see at SoleFit.  Whether it’s patellofemoral pain syndrome, osteoarthritis, ligament strain or meniscus tear, knee pain is multi-faceted with many different causes and solutions.  As health practitioners, our goal is to always find and treat the underlying cause of these injuries.  Unfortunately, a lot of the treatment protocols (strength balancing, flexibility/mobility etc.) for knee pain can take time to implement and to see results from.  Lightweight, low profile knee braces can bridge the gap between having to take time off from activity indefinitely, and maintaining an appropriate level of movement while addressing the root cause of the injury.  A few popular options we have in stock at SoleFit are:

Genutrain knee brace by Bauerfeind:

One of the most versatile, low profile brace options available. This sleeve style brace provides medical grade compression and mild stability for the patella. This brace is popular with clients of all sport levels. It has a wide range of sizes, and is available in a custom made version as well.

*The Bauerfeind Genutrain is a great versatile knee brace that is light and flexible enough to be used for running and everyday use. 

Reaction Web knee brace by Don Joy:

 Definitely one of the most aesthetically intriguing braces we carry! The elastomeric web provides tracking support of the patella. Patella femoral pain syndrome generally responds very well to this style of brace.

*With it’s unique appearance, the DonJoy Reaction Web knee brace is often effective for knee tracking issues and can be used for everyday use.

Rebound knee brace by Össur:

 If compression isn’t enough, the Rebound provides rigid hinges on the medial and lateral sides to give a higher level of support and stability to the knee. This is particularly relevant if the injury is to the ligamentous structures maintaining the integrity of the knee, or if there is substantial weakness or instability.  Great for those with a slightly more serious knee injury and aren't ready for a cage brace and for those activities that might require a bit more protection.

*The Össur Rebound knee brace is great for those looking for a light weight, less expensive alternative to a cage brace.  With it’s metal hinges, it’s great for those with more serious knee condition or for more aggressive sports.

Unloader Fit knee brace by Össur:

 This knee brace is specifically designed for compartmental osteoarthritis or degenerative meniscus injuries of the knee. Strapping and leverage adjustment dials apply force to the lateral or medial side of the knee to offload the offending compartment. This is a patient adjustable brace, which allows the client to determine how much support they need at any given time.

*The Össur Unloader FIT is a great lightweight knee brace that can help provide relief for symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.  Adjustable dial allows you to determine the appropriate amount of unloading which can change over the course of a day.

Besides these four braces, there are also lots of other options that can be ordered to better address any specific injury or recommendation from a physician or allied practitioner.  Along with a treatment plan that addresses the source of the injury, knee braces can be a great way of getting you back to your activity much more quickly!

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