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The SoleFit team is always on the lookout for new and innovative products that we can offer our

The SoleFit team is always on the lookout for new and innovative products that we can offer our clients.  Treatment options and research evolves so quickly in our industry that it certainly keeps us on our toes!  The challenge lies in determining which products are truly helpful, and which are not.  Because of this, we are launching a new review series where team SoleFit puts new items to the test!  Ryan, Neil, and Dana each have diverse backgrounds and opinions to bring to the table, so we hope to provide comments and criticisms that can apply to virtually anyone.  We intend to make this a regular feature, so feel free to let us know of any new products or ideas you’d like us to review!

Check out our reviewers profiles:

Ryan Grant

Our old school guy, who has tried a lot of different products over the years. Ryan is certainly interested in current research, but is a little more reserved and reluctant to accept new things without picking them apart himself first. His high performance, adventurous background allows him to put new research to the test on a regular basis.

Neil Rosenthal

Our resident researcher, Neil is truly passionate about new innovations. Not many days go by without Neil telling us about new tidbits of information he's learned from one of the many podcasts and articles he reads and listens to. He has a truly open mind about almost everything, and is always striving to live life better.

Dana Hall Product Reviewer
Dana Hall

Our true skeptic, who is wary of new ideas that seem too good to be true. Dana is reluctant to accept new things without hearing some solid research to back it up, and often questions the motives of people looking to make money off of cutting edge trends. Although she is not as exposed to current research, and is skeptical of the more 'out there' ideas, she's always open to being pleasantly surprised.

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