SoleFit is proud to announce their sponsorship of the YaYa Girls Runinng program in Ethiopia. The goal of the program is to help adolescent girls facing serious life challenges to become self-sufficient. The Yaya Village Hotel ( - owned by Joseph Kibur and Haile Gebrselassie) is the primary sponsor and home of the Yaya Girls, which hosts six to ten girls every four-month running season.

SoleFit is very proud to support the Prior Chest Nuts, a breast cancer survivor dragon boat crew from Arnprior, Ontario. The team is made up of an amzing group of women including co-owner's Ryan and Cassandra's mom!

SoleFit Speaker Series was a full day affair in 2012 headlined by extreme endurance athlete Marshall Ulrich.

A key component to long term foot and body health is to try and restore good technique and function to our bodies after injury. When in pain, our short term goals should often be to protect the area and allow things to heal. However, once the injury has healed, we should ideally try to look for ways to prevent that injury from re-occuring. The videos below are a few examples of ways to help return proper function to the body.

SoleFit was proud to be title sponsor for the 2012 Nakkertok Cookie Race held on February 18th. It was a great day for racing and awesome to see so many young athletes (and their parents) out enjoying winter!

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