Custom Orthotic Break-in Procedure and Tips

A large part of the success of custom foot orthotics is based on their comfortable integration to footwear


We see many different kinds of over the counter insoles in our clinic in addition to our own custom foot orthotics fabricated in-house. Not all insoles and orthotics are created equally.  When a custom foot orthotic is deemed necessary, it should be created with the highest efficacy possible. As such, we place great care in our non-weight bearing casting method for accurate fitting and effective alignment, as well as our finely tuned fabrication process. This ensures that we meet high standards for comfort, quality and excellent fit to footwear to compliment your activity of choice. We want to be sure that custom made is truly custom made.  Whether a client is dispensed a custom foot orthotic for a short term treatment, or as continued therapy, we at SoleFit believe that this requires proper care and attention so that its delivery and implementation goes smoothly.

We want you to love your orthotics!

A large part of the success of custom foot orthotics is based on their comfortable integration to footwear along with any modifications that are necessary to make sure they work effectively.  We want you to love your orthotics! To ensure the process of getting used to them goes smoothly, please find below our break-in recommendations and tips:


TAKE IT SLOWLY. Start by wearing your new custom orthotics for a short duration to begin with and only during easy daily activities like walking, i.e. 60-90 minutes on day one.  Pain is definitely your guide here and we’d prefer you err on the side of caution! So if you feel discomfort, take them out immediately.

GRADUALLY ADD TIME. Each day try to increase the length of time you wear your orthotics by ~1 hour based on how things feel (i.e. if the orthotics feel good, add another hour).

INTRODUCE THEM TO ACTIVITIES. Once they feel comfortable to walk with, gradually introduce them to your more intense activities like running or sports.

DO NOT LET YOUR FEET GET SORE. Stop wearing your orthotics if your feet get sore. Take them off if this occurs, take a break, and try again at a later time. 

IT SHOULDN'T TAKE LONG TO ADJUST TO YOUR NEW ORTHOTICS. A transition to wearing orthotics should take NO MORE than 7-14 days. By the end of 1 week, they should be comfortable to use and provide benefits


Should I blister or expect irritations?

Foot irritation can happen but isn’t expected or a normal occurrence. If you notice any bothersome feelings from the orthotics, call to schedule an adjustment with your pedorthist.

What if my pain or problems persist?

Your custom orthotics have numerous options available for adjustment to modify the level of support. Check in with your pedorthist if issues persist in order to look at adjustments that can help.

Should I expect any new pain?

Custom foot orthotics provide an alignment to the body that it may not be used to. While it’s introducing a positive change, it’s a change nonetheless.  Even more reason to ease into them for the first few days! If new pain occurs, check in with your pedorthist to make the necessary changes.

What are the costs of modifications?

We pride ourselves on making sure your orthotics are comfortable and effective. There are no costs on any adjustments within the first 12 months. The majority of adjustments occur within the first 2-3 months.

Do I have to leave my orthotics at the office for modifications?

Most modifications only take a few minutes to complete in our on-site lab while you wait. Book an appointment for a modification by phone or via our online booking.

How long will my orthotics last?

Depending on the materials your orthotics are made from, you can expect them to last for many years. In most individuals' cases, our neutral casted foot position doesn’t change dramatically, with the exception of children's feet that are still growing.  What will break down over time is the softer top cover material. If your orthotics start to show wear and tear over time, it likely doesn’t mean they need to be replaced, but might need a new top cover. We can provide you with options for new covers/refurbishment.  We recommend you wear them as long as they continue to feel comfortable. If anything changes, consult with your pedorthist. 

What if I would like additional sets of custom foot orthotics?

Your prepared casts will be provided to you to keep! These casts can be re-used for future sets unless any specific trauma, or significant changes to the body take place. Once you are ready for a new set, bring your casts in for an appointment and we can discuss options.  Because custom orthotics tend to last for so long, second pairs are often for either convenience of having an additional pair, or to customize for certain sports or activities. Customization is our specialty!

We get a lot of questions about additional pairs of custom orthotics.  Custom orthotics will often last many years as, even though your feet change, the bony neutral corrected foot structure generally stays the same.  We often do second pairs of orthotics due to convenience or customising the orthotics to fit different types of footwear.  We have over 10 different shell materials and more than 20 different top cover materials to choose from to ensure custom is truly custom!

We are here to help, so if you have any questions or concerns, call us for information, pricing, or to book an appointment.


  • Orthotic recovers or refurbishments
  • Additional pairs for cycling shoes or other specialty sports footwear, dress shoes, sandals, etc.
  • Consult for new injuries

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