SoleFit Proud to Sponsor YaYa Girls Running Program in Ethiopia

SoleFit is proud to announce their sponsorship of the YaYa Girls Runinng program in Ethiopia. The

SoleFit is proud to announce their sponsorship of the YaYa Girls Runinng program in Ethiopia.   The goal of the program is to help adolescent girls facing serious life challenges to become self-sufficient. The Yaya Village Hotel ( – owned by Joseph Kibur and Haile Gebrselassie) is the primary sponsor and home of the Yaya Girls, which hosts six to ten girls every four-month running season.

We will be posting monthly updates and pictures from the girls on our SoleFit Facebook and Twitter pages over the next year and look forward to tracking their progress!

More from the YaYa Girls Executive Summary:

During their stay on campus, YaYa Girls receive intensive English tutoring and lessons on health, hygiene and nutrition. Additionally, Yaya Girls receive individually tailored and extensive vocational training through on-site internships and workshops. Graduates are guaranteed a three month job placement, increasing their chance to find gainful employment upon graduation. With the world class coaching and facilities provided to them, a select few YaYa Girls will be able to forge running careers but realistically it is vital to prepare the majority of YaYa Girls for work and life outside of running. As gender roles are slowly beginning to change in Ethiopian society, the time is ripe to target impoverished teenage girls. Confronting the issues of gender inequality in Ethiopia by targeting adolescent girls and giving them support will expand these girls’ freedoms and will help break the intergenerational poverty that is passed down from disadvantaged young mothers to their children.

To learn more about the Program please visit us @ or get in touch via email at”

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