Kinesio tape that we use at SoleFIt to treat running injuries

Benefits of Kinesio Taping

SoleFit pedorthist Dana recently attended a Kinesio Tape certification course and shares her top 10 list...

SoleFit pedorthist Dana recently attended a Kinesio Tape certification course and shares her top 10 list…

Top Ten Things I Didn’t Know about Kinesio Tape Before Attending the Kinesio Tape Course in Ottawa

Despite becoming more recently visible during the last Olympics, Kinesio tape is a technique and product that was first implemented in the 1980’s.

Letting go of traditional ideas about taping is essential!  Kinesio tape can be used for acute injuries, during rehabilitative treatment, and preventatively. I know when I think about athletic taping, it brings me to back wrapping layers upon layers around an ankle sprain in sports injuries class!

Even though Kinesio tape is elastic and low profile, it can stay on the body for up to 5 days!  Applying oil or lotion and rolling the tape in the direction of hair growth can help remove it painlessly.

Those funky tape colours actually do something other than look cool: pink, blue, and black absorb sunlight to create a gentle heating effect on the skin. There are many imitation tapes, but official Kinesio Tex Tape is 100% medical grade cotton and elastic with acrylic heat activated adhesive.  It's also latex free.

From neck to toes, there's a way to apply Kinesio tape!  It can even be used in conjunction with other modalities like IMS/TENS, acupuncture, and cryotherapy.

Not sure if orthotics and/or bracing products may help your injury?  Visit a Kinesio tape provider to get taped to see if extra support, compression, etc. may help.  It's a quick, simple, and cost effective way to try a different way of treating your injury.

From years of playing goalie in competitive hockey, I suffered my share of nasty slap-shot bruises.  If only I had known there’s a Kinesio tape technique specifically for swelling and bruising that improves blood flow to flush edema from contusions!  The before and after photos are amazing!

Kinesio tape affects muscles and joints as well at the skin, fascia, and circulatory systems. Thus, taping can be used for imbalances, postural problems, lymphatic conditions, injuries, adhesions/scar tissue, neurological conditions, and more.

As Certified Pedorthists, our scope of practice is limited to the lower extremity, but fear not!  There are countless ways to use Kinesio tape: plantar fasciitis, knee tracking issues, achilles tendonitis, and shin splints are just a few of the applications we can help our clients with.

At SoleFit, we often get an influx of panicked, injured patients before a race/competition, or before going on a holiday out of town.  Kinesio tape provides us with another tool to use for short term, quick treatment to get our patients through their weekend with as little pain as possible until we can implement a more thorough long term treatment plan.

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