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Restoring Foot Function & Improving Run Mechanics

A key component to long term foot and body health is to try and restore good technique

A key component to long term foot and body health is to try and restore good technique and function to our bodies after injury. When in pain, our short term goals should often be to protect the area and allow things to heal. However, once the injury has healed, we should ideally try to look for ways to prevent that injury from re-occuring. The videos below are a few examples of ways to help return proper function to the body. The first video is geared towards runners but the principles apply to anyone looking to restore better function to their feet. The second video focuses more on runners and looks at the benefits of proper running technique.

Video 1:

Minimalist shoes have taken the footwear market by storm and with many potential performance and technique benefits, many runners are experimenting with them. To ensure that the risk of drastic shoe change doesn’t outweigh those potential benefits, runners should make sure they are ‘minimalist shoe ready’ to make the transistion. Jay Dicharry, biomechanics expert and Physical Therapist at the University of West Virginia SPEED clinic, has put together a great evaluation and sample of exercises for a runner to use to test and help condition the feet and body to potentially run in deconstructed shoes. How ready are you?

Video 2:

Dr. Mark Cucuzella of the Natural Running Center, has put together a great new video clip on ‘The Principles of Natural Running’. A strong advocate of putting running form at the forefront of managing running injuries, Dr. Cucuzella provides a comprehensive look at the natural functions of the human body necessary to run efficiently. It gives a clear picture that our bodies are capable of running without stress when the right attention to strength, flexibility and movement are supplied. A great video for anyone considering technique change.

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