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SoleFit at the Human Garage: Fascia, Biochemistry, and Emotions

SoleFit pedorthists Neil Rosenthal and Ryan Grant travelled to sunny Los Angeles last week to check out a

Truly sacrificing themselves for the greater good, SoleFit pedorthists Neil Rosenthal and Ryan Grant travelled to sunny Los Angeles last week to check out a forward thinking medical clinic that has been getting a lot of buzz lately called the Human Garage.  

Fascia can transmit information at speeds faster than the speed of light.

The more we learn about the human body, the more we realize how much we don’t yet truly understand about how it manages to make the millions of minute to minute changes that are required to keep us alive. A principle perspective at the Human Garage was to look more closely at the neurobiology of our fascia. Fascia is the somewhat mysterious integrative tissue that connects/encompasses the entire body and provides your bodies’ framework.  Fascia can work at speeds faster than the speed of light in the transmission of information and this information carries neurotransmitters (the chemical messengers interacting to/from our brains) that is making constant changes to our physical body.  The brain is sending and receiving instructions to and from our fascia!

Ryan grant solefit

Here are a few thoughts that summarize our visit to the Human Garage.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words

At SoleFit, we always find our video analysis to be helpful for the practitioner in order to slow these down.  However, we feel strongly that the real magic comes from the patient being able to see the video!  The Human Garage uses before and after pictures for each treatment and it's remarkable to see some of the changes that they are able to illicit after one or two treatments.  Notice the change in Neil's face and length of neck after one intensive session with Human Garage founder Garry Lineham!

*A picture really is worth a thousand words and check out the difference in Neil’s face and neck before and after treatment!

Biochemical testing to get a more thorough picture

At the Human Garage, they highly recommend urine/saliva testing prior to treatment in order to determine several biochemical markers (hydration status, blood sugars, adrenal systems, inflammation, organ function).  For example, if someone is excessively dehydrated, the practitioners are unlikely to be able to effectively make any lasting change (due to the inelasticity of the fascia in this state).  Measuring biochemical values could also help validate processes taking place that could be influencing chronic pain/illness and help to better 'steer' treatment.  

Biochemical testing

*The Human Garage does biochemical testing using saliva and urine, prior to treatment.  There were definitely a few surprises here!

Some cool new mobility tools

As much as we like simplicity and think that you don't need to spend a lot of money to work on your mobility, we do like cool new gadgets.  Two devices that they had at the Human Garage were the TheraGun and the Hypersphere.  Both tools add vibration in order to help facilitate an increase in mobility and recovery.   We had heard of both tools before but was great to experience them first hand and especially liked the Hypersphere.  Cool!

thera gun mobility work
mobilty tool solefit

We love our new cool gadgets and the TheraGun (L) and Hyersphere (R) are two cool new mobility tools we were able to try in order to help improve mobility.   Definitely not something you need but if you are into rolling and have an extra $150-500 to spend, the effect of using these tools was pretty amazing.

An open mind

As specialists, we need to continue to strive to keep an open perspective and avoid becoming dogmatic in treatment.  We know so many great practitioners that, like the team at the Human Garage, are continually learning and open to concepts that may have appeared 'out there' in the past.  Good health care should change as new research comes out to support those changes.

Our emotions/memories are stored in our fascia?

Fascia inter-connects with our emotional state in profound ways that therapeutic efforts to change mechanics can benefit from a psychologically intimate awareness from practitioners.

Neil was invited to participate directly in two hours of treatment where he joined forces with Garry Lineham to work on two patients. This was quite a profound opportunity to look, feel and experience changes in the way the patient's body would respond during treatment along with an emotional release.

fascia solefit

*Fascia is the bodies’ connective tissue and it is suggested that memories and emotion are stored in our fascia.  This information could add a whole new dimension to manual treatment.

We are all connected

Okay, this is where it gets a little 'out there' by current standards but it's important to relate back to the point above (open mind...).  In seems that in many cases, anything related to mysticism is often left out when it comes to health care conversations.  However, science is helping us to bridge the gap and could be said to be the new language of mysticism.  We see and read lots of exciting concepts emerging and our visit to the Human Garage really connected a few dots for us.  Ever find your pain gets worse depending on your mood?  Cutting edge science is pulling together significant understanding of how our bodies operate at its' highest biological potential when there is coherence between the mind, heart, and body.  Our varied layered 'systems' (ie hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, immunological etc) rely on order from our autonomic nervous system (ANS) to keep things in check.  However, the ANS is often found to be out of balance due to constantly high levels of stress hormones and thus our minds, heart, and body are out of balance as well.  Following some strong emerging science, Human Garage is synergistically combining many forms of therapy in attempts to find ways to unlock our energetic frequencies in order to create coherence between mind-heart-body.  We saw some pretty amazing results and has left us wondering if the key is treating us 'inside' in order to manifest biological changes on the 'outside'.  We even experienced first hand that when these energies are released, you not only can provoke huge personal changes in the patient but it's also SHARED to everyone around (we told you this was a bit 'out there'!).  If you're interested in learning more, check out Heart Math Institute, and podcasts here, here, and here.

While in LA, Neil and Ryan also visited the Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica.  A great place to take a look at some of the emerging tech surrounding the world of health care! 

bulletproof lab

*SoleFit Pedorthist Ryan taking a ride in the ‘Atmospheric Cell Trainer’.  Takes the body to a higher altitude for improved oxygen utilization, energy production and metabolic waste removal.

health and wellness

*SoleFit Pedorthist Neil taking a ride in the virtual float tank in attempts to help the brain produce more theta waves (relaxation, healing, deep thought).

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